Finding Your Authentic Self


What is the Thing we call the “Self?” Is it something we can see and touch? No, it is a non-tangible figmented part of your personality you have fabricated as a means to interact with Society. What is it you mean when you say the noun “I?” Referring to yourself as “I” seems to add a separation between Self and Other. When there is a separation of Oneness, the divide creates a dis-polar reality. How do we find polarity? We go within our Self to find the Oneness; the Union of our Soul with our Authentic Self.

So, is the Self culturally created or authentically expressed? Or both? Neither? The answer to this is subjective. Yet the Subjective viewer may make objective changes in the physical world around them. Would you like to express yourself as the Authentic Self? For many of us this will involve a re-programming and uprooting of the connection to the  Culturally Conditioned version of your Self versus connection to the Oneness that is.

Society has conditioned you. It has invested time and resources in influencing you, to tell you whom you need to be. To fit into the puzzle of what is tangibly real and holds value. Right now in this moment, I am asking you… would you like to re-write the story of your Self. To purge parts of yourself no longer serving your highest and best good in order to become who you were born to be? One way to meet and greet the Authentic Self is through receiving and giving Usui Holy Fire Reiki.


What do I mean by culturally created? I mean the Ego, the altered reality we wear out in our day to day experiences and activated for activities. This reality of Self we identify as a persona, a mask, to hide the quaking mess of our pure chaos and magic.

The Ego is a culturally created 3D depiction of who you think you should be, rather than who you are destined and born to be. The Ego was created to take your magic away, to make you feel competitive in the superiority/inferiority complex of survival and superficiality. The Authentic Self is channeled to re-mind you, you are magic, you are love and you are PURE.

Our Culture operates off of communication and symbols. We communicate with Nature, Self and Other with the use of symbols and the meaning we have tied to them. One of these symbols is Money. Money does not exists, it represents what you can buy with it. Once it’s spent, the energy is transferred.

Our 3D Culture operates off of Money, our attachment to Money

Everything is energy

All energy has the potential to be Love

Love is the fuel for the Fire of Creation

Our Authentic Self is calling to us to harness our creative potential, to call into ourselves Self Love and Authentic expression of our Soul.


What does it mean to be authentic?

I AM my Authentic Self

Fire alchemizes Fear, it helps you break free of the creative chains you have bound yourself in. These chains are built of excuses, doubt, disbelief in your own magic, fear of feeling, fear of healing. It’s time to free yourself by Fire, and not just any fire, Holy Fire Reiki. Holy Fire Reiki burns through the Ego, calling in rebirth from the Ashes for your Authentic Self to arise.


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