We are more than We Real-eyes

We are More than we Real-eyes

As a human with a 3D body, what happens when we decide everything that matters is energy?

Through shifting our perceptions of what matters, we shift the matter we are looking at. Through viewing the world through an energetic cosmic lens rather than feeding our ego with stuff, we set the stage for overcoming perpetual states of  distress and dis-ease. Evolving from viewer of stuff to receiver of quantum energy, our focus can transform from states of “distress” to spaces of ease.

It is humbling to re-member we are products of our environment and that what we see outside of us is a direct reflection of what is happening inside of us. A depressed person finds reasons to complain… A grateful person always finds reasons to give thanks. So our health is essentially, all mental and our environment is a direct reflection of our mentality.

Bringing attention away from focusing our thoughts and energy around the fear of loss over whether or not our stuff is safe, do we have enough stuff, what stuff do we need next, what stuff is missing, competition over stuff and shift our quality worlds into a quantum field of untapped energy. The beauty about the nature of the quantum field of untapped energy is… it’s all emotionally charged, ethereal (everywhere) and abundantly accessible.

Is Ease Intentional?

Nature implores a vacuum; when one door closes another opens. When one thought pattern is re-wired, a new door of experience opens. It opens because of the Law of Attraction; we always get what we want. How do we get what we want? We open ourselves up to the idea we have already attained it and we sent that idea love and gratitude.

Quantum energy is an abundance of propagating conscious waves of choices. These waves integrate into our bodies through our mindseye and it is these waves of consciousness which catalyze energetic shifts in perceiving our emotions.  When does this quantum evolution begin? With deliberate practice in setting intentions.

The root of our attachment to stuff rests in the belief there is not enough to go around and instills competitive nature in order to survive this doggy dog world and attain the stuff we want. Let’s call this belief Scarcity. Scarcity is the antagonist to abundance. Abundance is the key to Ease and Serenity. In 3D we have Dis-Ease and we find ease in transcending the stored emotion (pain) interfering with optimal health and well-being.

Have you ever heard of the Serenity Prayer? “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.” This prayer holds the power of surrender. Surrendering to the flow of the things outside of your control and awareness to the things inside of your control. In a 3D world of energy, no-thing is under your control. The only thing you can control are your choices and how you choose to spend your energy. Life is Metaphysical, beyond the 3 Dimensions of height, width, length. Life is Temporal and time is nonlinear. 

Time as Nonlinear

By rewriting the programming around what stuff matters we real-ease our perpetual anxiety to attachment, the linearity of loss and cycle of victimization to the world, others, your choices… We begin creating a program where you choose to let go of the material world and your attachment to it.

When one focuses attention on aspects of our being within us rather than outside of us, one finds they are a sacred temple of exploration and creation. If attention is focused on positively charged emotions, like gratitude and love for the energetic connected one has, then ZEN is NOW. Focusing the mindseye on what we don’t have, we take our mindseye out of our creative capacity and into a thread of the past or future which is negatively charged with an emotion.

Directing intentional energy in motion (emotions) towards a desired event is abundantly achievable.

This aids us emotionally, physically and spiritually by shifting our quality worlds supporting a desired reality; Dis-eases heal, traumas are re-written, relationships are mended, anxiety is alleviated, suffering.

Choice Theory

Where does Abundance stem from? The Quantum Field


Our meaning response behind it. (Placebo)


So what would it look like to let go?


Changing Desires — we suffer because we desire. We desire because we suffer. And the wheel continues to spin until when? We reinvent it.

Quantum Field of Energy — the Ethereal Void


Tapping in


Mantras — Ho’oponopono Prayer


How are we supposed to be-live in energy which we cannot physically see?