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Unpacking Guilt


I Feel

What is clairsentience? Clairsentience is french for “clear feeling” and refers to the ability to feel what others feel. Another term for Clairsentience is Empathy and is referred to by some, as a sixth sense. It is also referred to as an inner knowing, an intuitive ability to perceive where others are at emotionally. This perception and experience can be subtle or strong. The degree of this experience is subjective.

When we are allowing ourselves to feel, and expand it beyond what we individually feel, we open ourselves up to positive changes within our ability to find balance, acheive our desires, experience pleasure and explore our sexuality. Numbing ourselves to our feelings or stuffing them down to not feel it to heal it, we begin to experience issues with our genitals, womb, kidneys, bladder and circulatory system.

Our emotions seek to flow like water and are govered by our second chakra, our Sacral Chakra. Our Sacral Chakra represents;

  • Polarities
  • Movement
  • Balance

Our 2nd Chakra is the center for —

  • Sexuality
  • Pleasure
  • Emotions
  • Nurturance
  • Empathy
  • Change

Change is a key element of consciousness and consciousness is pure love and creation. By allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and let them flow like water, we find ease and acceptance in the unfolding of the unknown. 

Unpacking Guilt

While riding the wave of life and allowing your emotions to flow with ease like water, we begin to let go of lower vibrational programming that no longer serves us. We are able to take hold of ownership over our feelings, feel it to heal it and let it move through us. We begin to feel lighter, clearer and more in alignment. We begin to find out how to balance that which we are carrying versus that which deserves to be let go.

When we feel heavy, we begin to experience symptoms of the low vibrations bringin us down. We may begin to experience a decrease in libido, appetite, quality sleep. We may even begin to experience incontinence, anxiety and depression. The suffering can be alleviated, lighten the weight of the baggage you are carrying, it’s weighing you down.

Let’s use an analogy for our emotional stuff as a backpack we are carrying with us. As we seek to love and serve others, we may begin to take on other people’s baggage… we begin adding to our life load in order to promote ease for others. We may do this as a parent to our children, an older sibling to the younger ones, we may even do this as a child taking care of their parent.

When we take on more than what is healthy for us, it begins to set us off balance. The weight is unsettling, vibrating in our bodies waiting to be real-eased. Yet, in order to be real-eased the emotions stored need to be felt. Feel it to heal it, right?

One of the emotions that may be stuck in our backpack, adding to our stress, our load we are carrying on our shoulders… is GUILT. Guilt is a demonic program, it plagues our sacral chakra and can give way to dis-ease. Guilt is harbored

Addiction to emotional states because they reproduce a predictable future rather than trusting in others

Lighten the Load

By bringing awareness to the guilt we are storing, we can begin to seek out ways to feel it to heal it. How? By sending out to the quantum field, foregiveness. We are the only ones capable of changing how we feel at a given moment, and we are the only ones capable of altering the way we perceive change. Change is an opporutnity to be creative, to manifest. Manifestation happens when we have a clear creative channel. If we block pain and choose to not feel it, we also block our creativity. If we dam the river, the flow suffers. Let’s unblock the flow.


Oneness looks like light and feels like love. When you are in a space of Oneness, you real-eyes you are love. By real-eye-sing you are love, you understand that love is all that matters. Literally, everything is energy and energy extends beyond the constraints of time. So for anything, anyone, or any event we are experiencing guilt or stuffing down our guilt to surface later as a shadow… the cure is LOVE.

We can send ourself LOVE and find Oneness through spiritual practices. One spiritual practice I use to return to a balanced state and forgive myself for how I may have perceived something, is the Ho’oponopono Prayer of Foregiveness. This prayer becomes a lens through which you can practice ownership over your own emotions and move through them with ease and love at the speed of light.

Using this practice begins to change the way you perceive interactions with others. The hawaiian prayer of foregiveness creates a space for practicing compassion, empathy and Oneness.  It is centered around the premise that we are all One, and when we begin to experience a negative emotion in response to an event, it’s our emotion to move through and let go — not anyone else’s responsibility.

By forgiving ourselves for how we may have reacted to an event, such as a feeling of Guilt, we create a space for love to fill the void. This prayer is a means for returning to the Void, the Oneness with Love and Creation. It goes like this;

  • I’m Sorry
  • Please Foregive Me
  • Thank You
  • I Love You

This is a prayer of foregiveness for self and allows us to harness our clairsentience when viewing others. This prayer holds within it, the magic of surrender, the power of love and the notion that we create our own desired realities. 

Our desires are on the other side of the wall, by utilizing this prayer, we are able to dissolve the walls holding back our creative flow and call in divine manfiestation. This spiritual practice paves the way for balance, harmony, polarity and unconditional love. When we learn to let go of the conditions we have around love, we feel lighter and our backpack becomes smaller.


Shadow Work

Uprooting Anger

Our Mind is a Garden

Dig it.

Imagine your mind as a garden. Within it are rows of seeds that have been planted, germinated, blooming and coming to fruition. These are the seeds of your thoughts, your dreams, your reality. This is your garden. Only seeds you allow in will grow here. If a weed begins to grow we have the power to pluck it with love and grace and allow space for a bountiful seed to fill its place.

Now, imagine your actions are the nutrients and your seeds are your thoughts. The more your actions align with your thoughts, the more you seed is taken care of to grow to fruition. If our thoughts and actions are out of tune, weeds may grown and our seeds may become overrun.

These weeds may constitute as negative beliefs, curses, toxic habits, self-sabotaging behavior, excuses, resentment, guilt, blame, shame, attachment, fear…. and the list goes on and on. These weeds can be very harmful to the health and integrity of the whole garden. For this article, we will be discussing how to recognize weeds rooted in anger.

Weeds and Roots

When we do not feel it to heal it, where does it go? 

Our body is regulated by our emotions and our emotions can stay in motion or reside in our body to become residual pain. If they become stored in the body and we do not feel it to heal it, it is harbored somewhere. So where? Our Organs of course; 90% of resentment is stored in the Gallbladder whereas 90% of anger is stored in the Liver. Our emotions are released upon experiencing an event, whether that event is past, present or future.

When we revisit an event through a memory, our body biochemically relives the past event. Emotionally we experience the emotions tied to that event, and when an event has upset us in any way, we may have a tendency to attach to it, especially the outcome. We emotionally choose events we know we can predict by recreating past events in the present moment.

Our future becomes more predictable and we feel more at ease. But what happens when unforseen things happen? What triggers us to become aggressive or highly stressed suddenly when something unexpected happens? Expectations, but not just expectations… failed expectations.

Anger is a response to a failed expectation. We anticipate events and how they unfold in order to help ourselves anticipate any potential threats to our survival. Our ability to revisit memories grants us the capacity to think ahead of what may be coming.  Our response to a situation through our meaning behind the response is what allows us to attach an emotion to an event.

When we attach ourselves to an emotion tied to an event, we begin attaching ourselves to that emotion. The more we attach ourselves to an emotion, the more familiar it becomes. The more comfortable we feel when we experience that emotion and the more we want to reproduce the predictability of this emotion.

When anger becomes so familiar because we have under-delivering of high expectations of ourselves or others, we begin to continue to find reasons to stay upset. We feed the cycle over and over again because it is comfortable and feels safe.

Yet, do we grow when we are uncomfortable? No. Does our mind garden get enough nutrients when we begin letting anger weeds take over the fertility of the soil and the bounty of the harvest? No. Are we happy when we are in perpetual states of anger? No. Does extended periods of anger lead to dis-ease? Yes.

We know this because Anger lives in the Liver and Liver detoxifies the body of drugs and alcohol. One coping mechanism for anger is to drink alcohol. Alcohol also targets the liver and is associated with increased aggression, anger and hostility. If someone who struggles with anger and/or alcohol begins to focus on the root of their dis-ease, deep seated healing will occur.