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Feel it to Heal it

All the Feels

Emotion stems from the Latin word root movere  “to move” and e “out.” To feel emotions is to let out energy that was stored from a memory being held onto. Our ability to feel emotions was given to us as opportunities to alter our consciousness over the course of time. When we emote we elevate stored energy (pain, dis-ease, discomfort) from the subconscious mind (body) and the energy shifts into the conscious mind (feels). Free-flow of emotions allow the body to be charged, cleansed and heals the attachment to the memory producing the emotion. Feel it to heal it.

Energetic blocks arise because our body has yet to process a feeling tied to a memory. Over the course of our lives we hold onto and carry a lot of emotional baggage. We carry this baggage because it is familiar and re-membering it allows us to re-live it and re-create the same predictable future. Our baggage creates energetic blocks. These blocks build up energetic walls causing disruption to our subconscious mind. We go through traumas and tribulations. We lose trust in others, we close our heart spaces off, we find reasons to stay upset.


Our subconscious memories are stored in golgi tendons of our muscles, organs and energetic meridians throughout the body. Different organs and glands pertain to different emotions. Our Liver is the container for anger and resentment. Our Liver also has over 500 functions, most of them detoxification of chemicals and metabolism of drugs. Alcoholics may drink to drown their anger while long-term alcohol abuse causes liver dis-ease.

The wheel of insanity continues to turn until we insert new information. Anger, is the result of a failed expectation. Once we real-eyes our anger is based on an expectation we had about a situation out of our control, space is created to feel it and heal it.

Self-medicating with Alcohol takes away inhibition, allows a channel for the anger to run its course without ownership. By owning the anger, accepting it was a result of a failed expectation out of our control… we move the emotion out of storage into the light to be let go of. In turn, we feel lighter.

Sacral Opening vs. Self-Medicating

When feelings of desire, pleasure, sexuality and procreation are suppressed it causes malfunctions in the body;

    • Impotence
    • Frigidity
    • Uterine, Bladder or Kidney trouble
    • Stiff lower back

Our emotions are regulated neuroendocrinologically through the communication of our nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems. Each response to an event generates an emotional response and we can either choose to feel it and heal it, or hold onto it to harbor it. Harboring it leads to self-medicating and often self-sabotaging behavior. Letting it go allows us to feel lighter.

Let it go, let it flow into your river of life and give it back to source. One way to give it back is through meditating Open up your sacral chakra


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