Chakras Heart Bridge Metaphysical Rei-Ki Shadow Work

Sound Healing with Light

Intentional Listening

Our ears evoke sound, our eyes evoke light. Without our nervous system to integrate these vibrations, there would be no way to perceive them. At the molecular level, our DNA is light. Dis-ease is a depletion of light and it is through light where we may find healing and harmony. By intentionally listening to a specific frequency, we promote resonance within our bodies and can transcend low, misused or unwanted vibrations.

There are 7 Major Chakras which assimilate and integrate various frequencies of light. Light produces a waveform frequency and that waveform frequency produces a sound. A therapeutic musical scale called Solfeggio frequencies, were discovered in the 11th century by a monk named Guido d’ Arezzo. The 6 original frequencies are as follows;

  • 396 Hz
  • 417 Hz
  • 432 Hz
  • 528 Hz
  • 639 Hz
  • 741 Hz
  • 852 Hz

Music is a powerful healing tool because it allows a direct connection to help the subconscious mind alleviate suffering that resides in the phsycial body. 

369 Hz

Erase Guilt

Associated with the base chakra, this frequency may be used to alleviate suffering caused by guilt as guilt can impede our ability to create. Guilt is a demon of the the root chakra, our chakra of survival. By listening to music with this frequency, we allow resonance of our chakra to reach a state of empowerment to accomplish our goals, dreams and overcome fears of manifestation.

417 Hz

Eliminate Negativity

Assocated with the sacral chakra, listening to this frequency helps eliminate any negativity we have pent up within. It not only eliminates any negativity, it can also undo the happenings tied to negativity. The misuse of energy is removed from homes, workplaces, thoughts and behavior patterns and helps us overcome traumatic triggers. This frequency promotes resonance of the sacral chakra, our center for desires.

432 Hz

Natural Frequency

Associated with Earth’s heartbeat, this frequency aligns us to the planet’s resonance. Listening to this will clear out any anxiety, lowers our blood pressure and heart rate by allowing us to slip into a state of ease and healing.

528 Hz

The Love Frequency

Associated with our Solar Plexus Chakra, it gives way to transformation and helps reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is produced as a stress hormone and high levels in the body over extended periods of time, increase blood pressure and chances of developing arteriosclerosis. Stress can increase our risk for heart dis-eases and so this frequency has the power to decrease stress levels and help promote an “ease” state. This frequency calls in miracles and helps to heal our gut and digestive system.

639 Hz

Clear Communication

Associated with the Heart Chakra, listening to this frequency promotes balance and harmony with interpersonal communication and relationships. It creates a clear channel for communication, tolerance and love. If one is dealing with relationship issues, this frequency can be used to promote healing.

741 Hz

Cleansing and Purifying

Associated with the Throat Chakra, this frequency is used for solving intereferences and wake up our inner intuition and inner knowing by clearing the throat of certain electromagnetic radiations. It detoxifies cells and organs throughout the whole body tuning us into a more pure and stable foundation to living a Spiritual life. This allows purification of the mind-body connection.

852 Hz

Associated with the Third Eye Chakra, this frequency opens up our communication and connection to Spirit.


Beyond the Solfeggio frequencies are other vibrations which may be intended for healing the body and subconscious mind.

174 Hz

Spirit Unification

285 Hz

Earth Unification

432 Hz

Schumann Resonance

This frequency connects us to Earth’s heartbeat as the Earth is a living, breathing organism.

936 Hz

Pure Miracle Tones

Associated with awakening the Pineal gland, this is the frequency of Oneness. It relates to the Third Eye Chakra and as it clears, it opens up to our Crown Chakra. Our Crown Chakra is linked to our Pineal Gland and this frequency may be used as a sleep aid to increase melatonin and quality of sleep.

963 Hz

Akashic Records — Return to Oneness

This frequency brings us to the Ether, the Akasha and connects us to our Soul’s Purpose.

1111 Hz * 888 Hz * 528 Hz * 4096 Hz

Archangel Metatron Frequency


Shadow Work

Uprooting Anger

Our Mind is a Garden

Dig it.

Imagine your mind as a garden. Within it are rows of seeds that have been planted, germinated, blooming and coming to fruition. These are the seeds of your thoughts, your dreams, your reality. This is your garden. Only seeds you allow in will grow here. If a weed begins to grow we have the power to pluck it with love and grace and allow space for a bountiful seed to fill its place.

Now, imagine your actions are the nutrients and your seeds are your thoughts. The more your actions align with your thoughts, the more you seed is taken care of to grow to fruition. If our thoughts and actions are out of tune, weeds may grown and our seeds may become overrun.

These weeds may constitute as negative beliefs, curses, toxic habits, self-sabotaging behavior, excuses, resentment, guilt, blame, shame, attachment, fear…. and the list goes on and on. These weeds can be very harmful to the health and integrity of the whole garden. For this article, we will be discussing how to recognize weeds rooted in anger.

Weeds and Roots

When we do not feel it to heal it, where does it go? 

Our body is regulated by our emotions and our emotions can stay in motion or reside in our body to become residual pain. If they become stored in the body and we do not feel it to heal it, it is harbored somewhere. So where? Our Organs of course; 90% of resentment is stored in the Gallbladder whereas 90% of anger is stored in the Liver. Our emotions are released upon experiencing an event, whether that event is past, present or future.

When we revisit an event through a memory, our body biochemically relives the past event. Emotionally we experience the emotions tied to that event, and when an event has upset us in any way, we may have a tendency to attach to it, especially the outcome. We emotionally choose events we know we can predict by recreating past events in the present moment.

Our future becomes more predictable and we feel more at ease. But what happens when unforseen things happen? What triggers us to become aggressive or highly stressed suddenly when something unexpected happens? Expectations, but not just expectations… failed expectations.

Anger is a response to a failed expectation. We anticipate events and how they unfold in order to help ourselves anticipate any potential threats to our survival. Our ability to revisit memories grants us the capacity to think ahead of what may be coming.  Our response to a situation through our meaning behind the response is what allows us to attach an emotion to an event.

When we attach ourselves to an emotion tied to an event, we begin attaching ourselves to that emotion. The more we attach ourselves to an emotion, the more familiar it becomes. The more comfortable we feel when we experience that emotion and the more we want to reproduce the predictability of this emotion.

When anger becomes so familiar because we have under-delivering of high expectations of ourselves or others, we begin to continue to find reasons to stay upset. We feed the cycle over and over again because it is comfortable and feels safe.

Yet, do we grow when we are uncomfortable? No. Does our mind garden get enough nutrients when we begin letting anger weeds take over the fertility of the soil and the bounty of the harvest? No. Are we happy when we are in perpetual states of anger? No. Does extended periods of anger lead to dis-ease? Yes.

We know this because Anger lives in the Liver and Liver detoxifies the body of drugs and alcohol. One coping mechanism for anger is to drink alcohol. Alcohol also targets the liver and is associated with increased aggression, anger and hostility. If someone who struggles with anger and/or alcohol begins to focus on the root of their dis-ease, deep seated healing will occur.

11D Shadow Work Soul-Full

Soul Cloud

What is the Soul?

Psyche is the Greek word root for “soul, mind or spirit.” Log/os refers to “the study of.” Psychology is the study of the mind, as the mind and soul are tethered together. So is our mind different from our soul? What defines the soul? What defines the mind?

The soul is our immaterial essence of who we are as individuals. As the essence of all life is energy, the soul is the purest form of energy as it is connect with source energy. The mind is part of a cosmic mind, a weaving of minds transcending time. Together they produce our psyche and our psyche is how we interact with others. Together our psyches pool together to form a cloud, I refer to the collection as the Soul Cloud.

Soul Cloud

When we die, does everything about us die with our physical body? If you are a spiritual person who believes in reincarnation, definitely not. If you do not believe in a higher power, you may say yes. Spiritually, our soul lives on beyond the tests of time constraints given to us by our vessels through which we experience each life. I believe we reincarnate indefinitely, we are all the same consciousness expressing itself for a human for awhile. So when we die, where does our soul go? Back to where it came from of course — the Soul Cloud.

Does our immaterial soul hold memory? Not necessarily, our DNA holds our soul’s memory. Outside of our physical bodies exist an a ethereal cloud of memory and it is called the Akasha. The Akasha is ether, it is every pervasive, ever moving, very volatile. It seeks out areas of Low concentration to disburse where it is not. The Akasha is an ethereal cloud of memory, like the iCloud, but for souls.

The Akashic Records

Akasha is sanksrit for “ether.” Ether refers to a primordial form of energy from which all life is created. It refers to a quantum storage of information about every action, choice, emotion and memory each soul experiences in each lifetime. Each person has a record and then the cosmos

The term Akashic Records refers to the catalog of records from each person’s soul. These records are timeless, they carry the choices and memories of all past lives each soul has lived. Each soul lives to learn lessons, and these lessons are learned through self and other. When there lessons to learn from others and it is recorded beyond linear time, this is called a soul contract.

Channeling the Akasha

So, if we are healing outside of linear time, where is the information stored that we are accessing to allow energetic shifts in the NOW.









Angels Chakras Demons Metaphysical Shadow Work

7 Demons

Angels on the Left, Demons on the Right

The Hemispheres of our brain are differentiated by various aspects of our personality, personal reality. Our ability to move our limbs is controlled by the opposite side of the body. The Left side of the Brain controls your right arm and leg. The Right side of the Brain controls your left arm and leg. Our Left/Right Hemispheres also communicate back and forth through our Frontal Lobe to delegate decisions and maintain aspects of our character. The lens we perceive ourselves is an extension of our environment and is fed by how active the hemispheres are separately and functioning together as a unit.

Right Hemisphere
      • Left Hand Control
      • Expressing emotions
      • Awareness of space
      • Creativity (heARTwork)
      • Music (attunements)
      • Imagination
      • Dimension
      • Solving problems as a whole — holistic thinking mode — Inner Angel

When we are living in our Right Hemisphere, we are emotionally intelligent, creative, imaginative, playful, nurturing, experiencing moments while in a non-linear fashion. We are living as our Feminine and Divine Inner Angel. 

Left Hemisphere
      • Right Hand control
      • Writing
      • Language
      • Mathematics
      • Science
      • Lists
      • Analytics/Logic
      • Solve problems step by stem — Linear thinking mode — Inner Critic (Demon)

When we are living in our Left Hemisphere we are in analytical hyperdrive, linear thinking takes over and we become tasks oriented. When we are making critical decisions, we are activating our Masculinized Inner Critic.

To Fly or Fall

Angels fly and Demons fall. Yet, they are both Angels after all. Think of the analogy of having an Angel on your left shoulder and a Demon on your right. They speak to you in accordance with what you speak to yourself and they send messages to give or take power over your decisions, reactions and energetic levels. If we are listening to our Angels we can real-eyes we hold the creative potential to defy any dark thought, trauma or toxin we may be exposing ourselves to. You can defy your Demons.

If you quit feeding the snake, the snake dies. Both halves of our mind are hungry for attention, our thoughts feed one or the other and in turn they give us feedback. The feedback is the inner chatter from either Spirit (Angel) or Ego (Demon). Our Ego is the role we play to give as a performance and we are very very critical of our performance (Inner Critic). Our Spirit seeks to play, loves humor and holds potential to channels messages from higher dimensions (Inner Child). Our Inner Child is our Angel and our Inner Critic is our Ego.


Originating from the Greek word Aggelos meaning “messenger,” Angels serve as a symbol for the presence of Spirit, and Spirit is LOVE. Angels whisper to us in numbers and waves of light, offering us messages of faith in how the fabric of the universe is be-in-g weaved. They also representing devotion, trust, hope and love.


Demons  serve as a symbol for a malevolent spirit practicing reversed morality. They speak to you in ways to take your power away so that your light can be fed off of and dimmed. Like a parasite they invade our bodies promoting toxic thoughts and negative patterns feeding dis-eases.

Our Inner Demons have names and once we learn those names, they lose power over us. Different names for them include;

      • Fear
      • Guilt
      • Shame
      • Grief
      • Lies
      • Illusion
      • Attachment

Different organs pertain to different energy centers of the body known as Chakras and different Chakras can collect Demons. Each of the 7 Major Chakras has a Demon and that Demon can cause dis-ease and malfunction. Each Chakra also has Birth Rights and these Birth Rights we will symbolize as Angels. By believing in our Birth Right we can overcome any of the 7 Demons — our Birth Rights to Light.

Our Birth Rights are what I will refer to as the 7 Inner Angels; positive affirmations you can say to overcome the power play within and get the stagnant stuck dark energies into motion and cleared from your field;

      • “I have…” — overcoming Fear
      • “I feel…” — releasing Guilt
      • “I act…” — denoting Shame
      • “I love…” — resolving Grief
      •  “I speak and am heard…” — finding Inner Truth
      •  “I see…” — breaking free from Illusion
      •  “I know…” — detach from Attachment
4D Metaphysical Shadow Work

4D and Dreams

The 4D

We physically live in a 3 dimensional reality which stems from a 12 dimensional reality. In the 3D we play this game of separation of self from other and it is this game that arises the comedy of life. God is Love and it is Love that connects all the dimensions together. Beyond the third dimensions are non-physical, non-linear dimensions where time is bent. So what then, is the 4th dimension consist of?

The 4D is a magical world of dreams called the Astral Plane where light and darkness connect. The fourth dimension is believed to be a mathematical plane represented by a tesseract surrounding us allowing time to be more fluid. This is because Time represents integrity of change observed in the first three dimensions catalogued in numerical order.

In the 4D, there is no past, present or future… there is only traveling temporally. This is why time is so challenging to percieve whilst in a dream. Beyond 3D, time is non-linear and can be used as a means of astral traveling through the mathematical plane of sacred geometry. How do we do this? With our astral bodies.

Astral Body

Our Astral Body is part of our Auric Body. Our Auric body has 7 layers, one for each of the major chakras.  Our Aura is the color representation of our health and can change over time. The Astral Body is the 4th layer, is about 1 foot away from the physical body and is also rainbow colored. I call this layer, our Rainbow bridge.

Our rainbow bridge can be open and activated by heartwork.

The Big T

Chakras Fountain of Youth Metaphysical Shadow Work

Vital Violet Elixir

Test of Time — Telomeres

Is there a Fountain of Youth and if so… what is it at a molecular level? Well it depends… on how long our cells are programmed to live. The lifespan is directly proportional to the length of repeating DNA codes. Our DNA is coding for proteins and is made up of 23 paired chromosomes. To protect our helical DNA from unraveling there is a telomere cap of non-coding DNA sequences on the end of each chromosome, allowing protection from damage. As our cells continue to replicate and divide, the telomeres begin to shorten and continue to do so until the sequence is too short and the cell cannot divide any further. Cellular aging and dis-eases are directly related to the regulation of Telomere length and longevity.

The Hayflick Limit suggests each cell may only replicate 40-60 times before going through a programmed cell death, a process called Apoptosis. Each cell’s program is dependent upon how many times it is able to replicate and its ability to replicate is directly proportional to the length of its Telomeres. The length of Telomeres are influenced by the catalytic enzymatic cascade of Telomerase. At a molecular level our immortality lies within the telomerase.


Telomerase is an enzyme in the body responsible for adding a non-coding DNA sequence to the 3’ cap of linear chromosomes. Our Telomerase expression is linked to our lifestyle and genetic makeup. Our genes are coded by our DNA and our DNA is encoded by Light.

Our genes code for our proteins and many of our proteins are enzymes. Yet our genetics may be influenced by our environment. Epigenetics, is centered around the idea our behaviors and environments may alter the way our genes express themselves. This means, our lifestyle and our ability to adapt to stress may directly influence our longevity through altering the way telomerase expresses itself. Long periods of stress are harmful to the body on a larger scale, which broken down to a molecular level, means stress also influences our longevity.

What’s one way to manage stress? Shed more light on the matter by opening yourself up to more levels of conscious attention. The world around us actually exists because we perceive it. When we alter the way we see things, the things we see evolve with us. If our DNA is light and color is the expression of light, can one alter telomerase expression with color?

UV Spectrum

Colors are the expression of light and are evoked by our nervous systems.We see colors because our eyes have specialized receptors (photoreceptors) in the retina called Cones. These photoreceptors are responsible for absorbing red, green and blue light color photons. The spectrum of visible light our human eyes are adapted to interpret is a combination of red, green and blue light photon whereas other animals, like birds, have highly specialized cones to see spectrums of UV light.

When photons reach the retina they are transduced into chemical signals communicating with the brain and allowing us to interpret the world around us through a spectrum of visible light frequencies. The visible light spectrum is a collection of electromagnetic (EM) waves within 380 to 700 nm. We have the ability to integrate EM waves because we are EM beings of light, color and sound.

We have electromagnetic centers in our bodies called Chakras. Each Chakra pertains to different frequencies, wavelengths and colors of light. The 3 primary colors are combined into the 7 colors of the rainbow aligning with the widely adopted belief of 7 Major Chakras.

    • Chakra — energy centers of the body, associated with various colors, nerve plexi, glands, emotions and organs
    • Light — energy with potential to take many forms
    • Photon — quantum particle of light, also known as an elementary particle of nature
    • Wavelength — the distance horizontally measured between two peaks in a wave
    • Violet — shortest wavelength and highest frequency ranging from 400-420nm
      • Associated with the Crown Chakra, Pituitary Gland (Master Gland)
      • Found between Indigo and invisible Ultraviolet on the EM spectrum
      • Symbolizes spirituality, imagination, dreams, future
      • Soothes and promotes harmony of emotional center of the brain
      • Increases supernatural psychic abilities
      • Promotes compassion, sensitivity for self and others

*If we experience a resistance to violet it may be because we are experiencing creative blockages and may display resistance to authority.


What if colors are therapeutic? Do you ever notice the different colors of clothing you choose to wear each day? Do you notice patterns of what color clothing you wear in relation to how you are feeling? Color thearpy, also known as Chromotherapy,  is based off of the concept different colors can evoke different emotions. This concept is used often with marketing and Using specific colors can scientifically adjust one’s body to frequencies that will bring the body into alignment and vitality.

This occurs because different regions of our bodies are neurologically responsible for assimilating different spectrums of light. For example, Violet is associated with our Crown Chakra and is known for symbolizing imagination and spirituality. The Crown Chakra is associated with the color violet, the Pituitary gland and Crown of our head. The color Violet may be intentionally used to calm the nervous system by promoting hormonal balance of the pituitary gland, also known as the Master Gland.

The Master Gland

The pituitary gland is rests in the Sella Turcica (Turkish Saddle of the Sphenoid bone) at the base of the cranium and is in charge of controlling functions of other endocrine glands in the body. It has direct contact with an anastamosis of arteries known as the Circle of Willis. The Circle of Willis allows for collateral blood flow circluation to reach both front and back of the cerebrum along with the cerebellum and pons.

Our bodies are regulated by hormones. Hormones are the chemical messengers signaling an emotional response to an event. If any of our hormones are out of balance, our emotions are out of balance. More specifically the Pituitary gland sends out chemical messengers to;

      • Thryoid gland
      • Adrenal glands
      • Gonads (ovaries and testes)

Color therapy has been suggested to have positive impacts on different dis-eases such as;

  1. Poor Academic Performance
  2. Aggressive/confrontational behavior
  3. Asthma
  4. High Blood pressure
  5. ADHD
  6. Bronchitis
  7. Dyslexia
  8. Epilepsy
  9. Insomnia
  10. Stress

If our Master Gland is out of balance, hormonal control over our body is also out of balance. When our hormones are out of balance, our emotions run awry and our body is left to adapt to stress the best it can with what it has to work with. What can be done to alleviate stress? Shine more light on the matter… in fact, violet light to be exact.

So How is Violet Vital?

Violet is associated with the 7th Major Chakra, the Crown Chakra. The element of this chakra is thought and it is thought to be the seed of enlightenment. It gives rise to awareness of what we perceive as the mind. Our mind is multi-leveled; subconscious, conscious and superconscious. Our body is our subconscious mind, so in order to find health within, we must dive within.

Our mind and experiences come together in finding a meaning response for everything and the meaning we give something feeds our beliefs about it. These beliefs become our master programming. In order to re-write the programming, we can utilize meditations or visualizations specifically targeting our master gland, crown chakra, thoughts and awareness. How? Using visualizations to activate the pituitary gland with violet light.

Vitalism is the concept that the power that made the body, heals the body. An organism is self-sustaining, self-determined and self-regulating. It holds the belief that there is a governing intelligence orchestrating life within us outside of our conscious control. This means, we inherently have within us all the tools and resources to heal ourselves. What heals us, is divine intelligence.

Let’s call this Divine intelligence,  Elixir. This magical potion is constantly orchestrating a beautiful concert playing One Song as the Universe. By connecting and tapping into this Elixir we are able to access healing potential in the form of love and light… as photons. How does one call upon this Elixir to drink from its heavenly nectar? By calling to St. Germain and the Violet Flame. How do we call upon someone we cannot see? We real-eyes we can see them, from within.


When we think about a memory from a past event, where is it “seen,” for even blind people can still “see.” Our Pineal gland is our Mindseye, Thirdeye and 6th Major Chakra. When we close our eyelids and bring a picture to awareness with our conscious mind, we are activating our pineal gland to see beyond linear time.

If we can activate our pineal gland to see beyond linear time, we are able to heal records of our past lives. When we heal records, we heal all those that come before us and after us, as we are all interconnected in the cosmic mind.

When we begin to observe our thoughts (Crown Chakra) we are able to use both the Mindseye and the Master Gland in manifesting a desired outcome. Techniques such as meditation and visualization, allow a space for healing through activation of the pineal gland which in turns, opens up time travel. Re-visiting memories takes us back to the past where we leave the present moment.

When we are in perpetual states of stress and worry, we are constantly taken out of the NOW moment of manifestation and into a predictable future based on past events. The Crown Chakra is the energy center for manifestation and we have the innate ability to manifest health and vitality. We have the innate ability, to live longer thriving lifestyles creating our own Fountains of Youth from within.

St. Germain and the Violet Flame

There are dimensions to healing. We live in a universe built of 12 Dimensions. Our bodies reside in the first 3, our mind and soul are able to communicate and integrate light from the other 9 dimensions. The violet fire may be used as a healing elixir to bring our soul to union with Spirit and heal records from past lives. It is important to always set an intention so that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elementals and Angels of the 7th ray may help you achieve your highest and most best good.

With healing, our only limitations are our imaginations. We are elemental beings of alchemy, we have the ability to transmute and transform. Our ability to harness our own magic, stems from our connection to nature and the cosmos. Our Earth is calling to us to wake up to our own Divine Right to Light. First, we burn away that which no longer serves us in order to call in our highest and most best good.

How do we burn away old programs? Fire of course. Fire is cleansing, it has the power to cleanse away our fears. A violet fire, has the ability to cleanse our bodies of fears and call in our power of manifestation. So where does this violet fire come from?

Part ONE: 12D Shield building

Lightwork sends out beacons and those beacons can be picked up by tricksters and lower dimensional beings of the fourth dimension. Before beginning the Vital Violet Elixir visualization, we are first going to shield ourselves from any outside influences, any tricksters which may be attracted to our beacon.

The shield allows us to clear our chakras, grounding ourselves into the Earth before astral traveling and guides us to call in HELP from higher dimensional beings. We are going to build a 12th Dimensional Platinum White Shield through a Part ONE visualization and then move onto Part  TWO.

  • First we call upon Archangels Michael and Metatron to help and guide us. Someone once told me our Angels are walking around with “Out of work signs” waiting for us to call upon them for aid. It’s as simple as saying Archangels Michael and Metatron; Help me! Help me! Help me!”
  • Then we set an intention for the session. One way of practicing the Law of Attraction is praying to the Angels for the “Most Benevolent Outcome.”
    • “Dear Angels I pray today I attain the Most Benevolent Outcome in healing records from my past lives, bringing me closer to the Union with Spirit and growing my body younger. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”
    • Always give gratitude. 

Once help arrives, we move onto the visualization

Merkaba, Soul Star Visualization
  1. Closing your eyes, take a deep breath in and let it out.
  2. Imagine you are standing on a white quartz sand beach, you hear the waves kissing the sand and the breeze in the trees. You wiggle your toes to feel the sand between them. To your back is your Soul Ocean.
  3. Standing on near your Soul Ocean, picture your Merkaba Star floating 12 inches above your head. It is the size of an orange and begins to glow a bright white light.
  4. Keeping your focus on your floating Soul Star, begin decreeing “I am the Soul, I am the Light Divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am Fixed Design” — this invocation activates our light body and Merkaba star. As you chant this invocation, begin seeing your Merkaba star shining brighter and brighter. Giving out 12th dimensional platinum white light.
  5. Now allow the soul star to fall with grace until it lands into the center of your brain
  6. Pausing for a moment, allow your brain to absorb the divine white light. Notice any energies that may be clearing, notice them as they pass through your brain with ease. As they clear they drop down and go back to the Earth between your legs.
  7. Now the Merkaba is going to begin traveling down, piercing the Earth’s crust, mantel and diving into her core. Here it recharges, reboots and rejuvenates itself. Pause for a moment and give gratitude to Mother Earth and her love.
  8. Rebooted the Merkaba begins to travel back up through the Earth pausing 12 inches below your feet. This is your Earth Star Chakra.
  9. Here your Merkaba begins to spin counterclockwise and as it spins counterclockwise it is going to give off thousands and thousands of tiny threads of divine white light. These threads begin to build a platinum platform 3ft in Diameter.
  10. Once your platinum platform is built, your Merkaba is going to begin traveling back up through your center core. This time as a pillar of 12th dimensional divine white light.
  11. Passing through your third eye and crown chakra the Merkaba is going to pause 3ft above your head.
  12. Here your Merkaba begins to pick up momentum, spinning faster and faster. As it spins it gives of thousands of tiny radiations of divine white light and these threads shoot down around you, grounding into your platinum platform and shielding you in 12th Dimensional divine white light.
  13. Visualize sealing your Aura in White and Blue Light — while praying decreeing “I AM Presence, the Presence of GOD” visualize a dazzling white light from above you filling your aura.

* When diving into our inner planes we can astral travel, this occurs in the fourth dimension and there may be dark entities which try to influence us or imprint on our aura. It is important to shield yourself.

Expand the Dimensions

Now that the shield is built in a 3ft by 3ft grid, it is time to allow it to expand into a pillar that is 6ft in Diameter and 9ft High.

Part 2: The Vital Violet Elixir

11 minutes to heaven

Once the 12D shield is expanded upon to reach 6ft by 9ft, we are going to begin filling our pillar with the Violet Flame

  1. “I call upon St Germain and the Angels of the 7th Ray to attain the most benevolent outcomes in guiding my soul back to my union with Spirit, healing past life records and growing my body younger. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
  2. Repeat the Mantra: I AM the Violet Fire, I AM the Purity GOD desires. As you repeat this, imagine a bright violet flame. This flame is pouring down from the heavens into your 12D pillar. This flame is alive, pulsating and moving. This flame is swirling with hues of bright purple, pink and indigo. This is the Violet Flame of St Germain.
  3. As your thoughts begin to stray, notice them and then return back to seeing the flame with your Mindseye
  4. Embody the flame, let it pour from you and seep into the sand at your feet, let it cover the ocean of your soul and shed light on your shadows. Let it allow ease to wash over you, allowing violet light to fill you with cosmic love.
  5. Hold this visualization for at least 11 minutes. It is recommended to do first thing in the morning, especially for astral travelers.
  6. When you are done gently ask the Holy Ones to return back to the love and light with Spirit until you call upon them again. Ask for a physical sign that they have left.

If believing is seeing… and seeing is believing… can we believe anything we set our mindseye to? Our mind is one with the cosmic mind, we play this game of separation of Self and Spirit. We find ourselves in these 3D rat races of attachment to stuff and worry over that stuff. The more we worry about our stuff, the more stress we suffer through. The more stress we suffer through, the more we worry about our stuff.

By adopting a belief, everything is energy and energy is light… we are able to rise up from the darkness of suffering and move into the light of enlightenment. Our crown chakra is the lock and the key is our thoughts. Unlock your own Pandora’s box and gain more longevity. Worry takes us out of now, and ZEN is NOW so let go of the worries of when. They no longer serve you. What does serve you is love and light, absorb it… drink in the ELIXIR because YOU ARE IT. When we real-eyes we are it, we own our ability to manifest realities. If we can manifest our realities, we can manifest longevity, right? If Telomeres shorten, can they be lengthened? Well, we will know once we try.

3D Metaphysical Shadow Work

Shadow Self

What Lies on the Dark Side of the Ego?

We are beings of light, color, sound and love. Our physical bodies radiate and integrate different frequencies of light. Thus, we receive light in many forms. When we are in alignment with our Spirit, we feel as if our cup is overflowing. We notice we have healthy boundaries set, our relationships are improving, our creativity is free-flowing and we feel charged and energized rather than repressed or depressed. However, our light casts a shadow, and when ignored can allow complications with communication, compassion and coherence. We call this our Shadow Self, and it is the dark side of our Ego — our need for speed to survive in the 3D. Our shadow self represents our misalignments with Spirit. In this article, I will refer to our misalignments as the pieces of our personality we cannot directly see, the parts of us we have disowned.

Our Shadow Self is the parts of your personal reality you are keeping in the shadows, rather than shedding light on them. These parts are parts we may find dislike in while interacting with others. These pieces are the pieces of ourselves we are refusing to take ownership for. Whether it be passive aggressive tendencies, anger, rudeness, pride… when we butt heads with an idea about how someone else is acting, or we butt heads with others because we see something we do not like or what to see reflected back to us, it is really your own inner plane reflecting back to you that which you may shed more light on. By shedding light on it, recognizing it’s a projection of your shadow onto others we can do the inner work to alleviate any suffering or attachment to that part of our shadow.


By disowning parts of ourselves, these parts within turn against us. We may do or say things we later regret because we would not normally do them. We may transmit negative energy to others close to us and attempt to project ownership to others for our primitive and negative impulses such as desiring to gain more power leading to greed, egotism, envy and fits of anger.

In order to find alignment, awareness is guided to our misalignments. When we are suppressing our shadow self, it has a tendency to want to be projected and brought to light. You may be at work and a co-worker is performing a task in a way that comes off as passive aggressive. This tendency gets under your skin, so much so, you passive aggressively address it with them. Now, is their behavior truly passive aggressive? Or are you projected that reality onto them because your shadow self is being stuffed down and ignored?

Our personality and the roles we play day to day are called our Ego. Our Ego brings to attention, anything that may help or harm our ability to survive this doggy dog world. Our Ego will hide parts of itself it does not want to let go of, old programming that has served us and helped us to get to where we at.  When therapy is begun, the Shadow Self is typically the first on the checklist.  We also have a Higher Self and our Higher Self helps guide us through these shadows by shedding light on them.  Our Higher Self may be accessed through spiritual practices like; Meditation, Yoga, Breath-work, Crystal healing, Sound healing, Prayer, Visualizations, Journaling and so on and so forth.

Journaling is an excellent way to have a dialogue between your Higher Self and Shadow Self. When we feel spells of low self esteem and depression, we are being dragged down into the depths of ourselves to focus on our Shadows before resurfacing.

Collective Shadow

And similar styles of tapping into the quantum field, cosmic mind and your highest and most best good. Our Ego is worried about 3D finite and tangible things. Once we do spiritual work to dissolve our Ego and re-write our story, we find that our higher self has been a spiritual guide for us all along helping guide us back to our spiritual path in healing and happiness. For as humans, we are more than flesh encapsulated egos — we are part of a collective consciousness of the cosmic mind and we have been given opportunities on our journey here is to re-member.

Shadow Work

Practicing ignorance of our shadow self can harm our relationships with ourselves, partners, family members and dear friends. It can also negatively impact our professional relationships and our abilities to be sovereign and self-leading. What we deny in ourselves, we see reflected back to us from others as a projection. Our shadow is a defense mechanism for our ego, it is a shield to protect our masks (how we perceive ourselves).

Working with our shadow allows us to dive into psychological projections of ourselves onto others by bringing the disowned parts of ourselves into direct light (awareness). We begin by recognizing our behavior, how we view ourselves and parts of ourselves it is time to own and connect to. It is a way of finding our authentic self by relinquishing the false identity we have built for ourselves to hide behind.