Finding Your Authentic Self


What is the Thing we call the “Self?” Is it something we can see and touch? No, it is a non-tangible figmented part of your personality you have fabricated as a means to interact with Society. What is it you mean when you say the noun “I?” Referring to yourself as “I” seems to add a separation between Self and Other. When there is a separation of Oneness, the divide creates a dis-polar reality. How do we find polarity? We go within our Self to find the Oneness; the Union of our Soul with our Authentic Self.

So, is the Self culturally created or authentically expressed? Or both? Neither? The answer to this is subjective. Yet the Subjective viewer may make objective changes in the physical world around them. Would you like to express yourself as the Authentic Self? For many of us this will involve a re-programming and uprooting of the connection to the  Culturally Conditioned version of your Self versus connection to the Oneness that is.

Society has conditioned you. It has invested time and resources in influencing you, to tell you whom you need to be. To fit into the puzzle of what is tangibly real and holds value. Right now in this moment, I am asking you… would you like to re-write the story of your Self. To purge parts of yourself no longer serving your highest and best good in order to become who you were born to be? One way to meet and greet the Authentic Self is through receiving and giving Usui Holy Fire Reiki.


What do I mean by culturally created? I mean the Ego, the altered reality we wear out in our day to day experiences and activated for activities. This reality of Self we identify as a persona, a mask, to hide the quaking mess of our pure chaos and magic.

The Ego is a culturally created 3D depiction of who you think you should be, rather than who you are destined and born to be. The Ego was created to take your magic away, to make you feel competitive in the superiority/inferiority complex of survival and superficiality. The Authentic Self is channeled to re-mind you, you are magic, you are love and you are PURE.

Our Culture operates off of communication and symbols. We communicate with Nature, Self and Other with the use of symbols and the meaning we have tied to them. One of these symbols is Money. Money does not exists, it represents what you can buy with it. Once it’s spent, the energy is transferred.

Our 3D Culture operates off of Money, our attachment to Money

Everything is energy

All energy has the potential to be Love

Love is the fuel for the Fire of Creation

Our Authentic Self is calling to us to harness our creative potential, to call into ourselves Self Love and Authentic expression of our Soul.


What does it mean to be authentic?

I AM my Authentic Self

Fire alchemizes Fear, it helps you break free of the creative chains you have bound yourself in. These chains are built of excuses, doubt, disbelief in your own magic, fear of feeling, fear of healing. It’s time to free yourself by Fire, and not just any fire, Holy Fire Reiki. Holy Fire Reiki burns through the Ego, calling in rebirth from the Ashes for your Authentic Self to arise.


Plant Magic Plant Medicine Preventative Methods

Skin Care is Essential

Essentials of Skin Care

Our skin is the largest part of our nervous system. We have a wide variety of touch receptors to alarm our body of threats; chemical, physical and mechanical. Our skin also is a direct route to our blood stream. One indirect and subconscious way of treating certain dis-eases may be achieved through the skin. A practice I utilize daily for integrating plant medicine into my body, is through use of topical essential oils.

Essential oils are powerful. There are many opinions on whether they cure dis-eases or can be harmful to the body if ingested or applied incorrectly. The basic school of thought when dealing with aromatic compounds is, less is more.


Different age groups, demographics and species are compatible with different doses and combinations. Elderly, pregnant women and infants should only use a 1% dilution or less.

Pregnant Women


Children & Infants

For older children it is recommended to dilute 1-2 drops of essential oils with a 1/2-1 tsp of carrier oil.

Common Carrier oils include;

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil

**1 drop per 1tsp is a 1% dilution**

Oils generally considered safe for use with children include;

  • Melaluca
  • Lavender
  • Lemon * (photosensitive)
  • Sandalwood
  • Rosemary ** (never use undiluted)
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Thyme
  • Orange * (photosensitive)
  • Majoram
  • Geranium
  • Ginger
  • Frankincense
  • Cypress

**Various applications of different oils paired with intentions can promote healing of dis-eases such as; Colic, Common Cold (Antiviral), Constipation, Cradle Cap, Croup, Crying, Diaper Rash, Digestion (Sluggish), Dry Skin, Earache, Fever, Flu, Hyperactive, Jaundice, Premature, Rashes, Teeth Grinding, Tonsillitits and Thrush (Antifungal).**



With animals, it is only necessary to dilute 1-2 drops of essential oils per 1tsp of fractionated coconut oil when applied to larger areas. Heavier dilution is required with use on small animals (cats).

    • Treat a cat like you would your child (see list above)

For Anxiety/Nervousness;

    • Recommended to use
      • Serenity by Doterra
      • Lavender
      • Balance by Doterra
    • Use 1-2 drops between hands
    • Apply areas between toes, on top of feet, edges of ears and muzzle

For scours it is recommended to apply 5 drops of Doterra’s DigestZen Blend onto their stomach. If covering a larger area it is also suggested to use fractionated coconut oil.

**Repeat 2 hours later**


For Anxiety/Nervousness;

    • Recommended to use
      • Serenity by Doterra
    • Rub 1-2 drops between hands and then apply to front of chest, tongue, nose and knees

For Hoof Rot

    • Recommended to combine
      • 1 drop Roman Chamomile
      • 1 drop Thyme
      • 1 drop Melissa
      • Into 1 tsp of fractionated coconut oil and apply directly to location

Use of either

    • Lavender
    • DigestZen Blend by Doterra
    • Apply onto paws to release any parasites
Wound HEaling

For all wounds it is suggested to use Helichrysm


For all symptoms of arthritis it is recommended to use Frankincense


It is suggested to Topically apply;

  • Serenity
  • Lavender
  • Citrus Bliss

**You may also diffuse this to gift your pet aromatherapy through use of smelling the oils**


Suggested to directly drop onto Tick and also dilute before putting onto wound

    • Purify Blend by Doterra


Blends Commonly Referenced Above


    • Lavender
    • Sweet Majoram
    • Roman Chamomile
    • Ylang Ylang
    • Sandalwood
    • Vanilla Bean Extract


    • Lemon
    • Lime
    • Pine
    • Citronella
    • Melaluca
    • Cilantro


    • Ginger
    • Peppermint
    • Tarragon
    • Fennel
    • Caraway
    • Coriander
    • Anise



Chakras Fountain of Youth Heart Bridge Preventative Methods


What’s in a Word

Words are spells, that is why it is called Spelling. Words are used as symbols to quantify and qualify our reality. Yet, what happens when we are diagnosed with words that take our power away and give it to our dis-ease(s)?

Let’s take Polarity for instance. What does it mean to have polarity? Poles of course; to have electro-magnetism, an attraction to opposites. Our Earth and Sun both have 2 poles; North and South.

Akin to the planet on which we reside, we too have poles. We have a Right/Head poles (+) and a Left/Feet pole (-), their electrical charges creating a magnetism. When opposite poles contact each other, there is an attractive current connecting them

When we look at the word bi-polar, it suggests a disconnection between Two Poles. The reality is we are polar beings and when we begin to feel bi-polar it is because we are disconnecting ourselves from the connection to All That Is and separating ourselves from the world.

Being Bi-Polar

What does it mean to be “bi-polar?” The DSM-5 defines a person with Bipolar I disorder into 6 Categories;

  • Single Manic Episode
  • Most Recent Episode Hypomanic
  • Most Recent Episode Manic
  • Most Recent Episode Mixed
  • Most Recent Episode Depressed
  • Most Recent Episode Unspecified

This describes the mood swings which serves as diagnostic criteria for Bipolar — it does not describe HOW a person begins to feel bi-polar.

If you are someone who is diagnosed as bi-polar, it is rooted in a misalignment of chakras. Our chakras help our body through neurological and hormonal regulation. Our chakras integrate light codes into information and allow assimilation. If we are suffering from dis-ease(s) such a disconnect of poles, the ease is found in reconnecting them.

When our body is out of alignment, the aura is constricted or too open, there may be stains on it from trauma. Our ability to integrate light energy is imbalanced. One way to seek balance and open up your chakras to alignment is a practice known as Earthing, or Grounding. If everything is energy, then all we need is more energy right? And what better way than Grounding into Her.

Grand-Mother Earth

Grandmother Earth’s surface carries a powerful electrical charge due to the movement of free electrons. She carries on her, an abundant flow of energy which we may easily access through our feet. Our feet not only carry a negative charge, they also have on them a whole map of our body systems directly connected to our reflexes. Reflexes control our chemical synapses. By Grounding into Her, you can connect more energy to your reflexes allowing a sufficient attractive current to flow through you and promote balance within your systems.

When we have sufficient energy in our body, our immune systems are supercharged and ready to rumble. When we are suffering from a dis-ease, it can be greatly alleviated by rebooting and recharging our body’s battery. Our body’s battery is it’s nervous system, it is a pure electrochemical system of connections carrying information as light codes throughout the entire body.

Earthing allows us to give our stagnant energies back to Grandmother Earth, supercharge our body’s batteries and promote heart health, cardiovascular health, improved tissue blood and oxygen flow, and improved immunity. I would recommend 5 minutes a day, if possible.

Other Grounding Options

The weather may impede our desire to stand outside barefoot to ground down. Luckily, there are other practices one can do to spark the creativity and open up other dimensions of healing.

  • Daily prayer of Gratitude promotes a great-ttiude
  • Eating foods from the earth; roots, vegetables, fruit, legumes with emphasis on eating locally/organically
  • Tree Hug; find a giving tree to visit and meditate with, hug and give back to
  • Green Thumb; planting and connecting to Her with your hands is an excellent way of rooting yourself
  • Polarity therapy
  • Reiki



Angel Number 1221


What defines a number? It is a symbol to represent a certain amount or quantity. It is a system of identification through use of symbols. The beauty about numbers is… they are perfect and they can cross dimensions. Numbers exist outside of our 3D reality. Sacred geometry exists in the 6th dimension and higher dimensional beings may use both numbers and sacred geometry as a means to communicate with us in the physical world.

Do you have a favorite, good luck or ideal number that when you see it, it rings with significance for you? Numbers represent a quantity and sometimes rings with a deep meaning for you. It may be your favorite jersey number, athletes number, birthdate… regardless of the number and the meaning behind why we see it, we all know Numbers are perfect, they exist outside of the physical dimension and thus, connect us to All that Is.

So, do we live in a perfect universe? Depends on our meaning behind the word perfect. Perfect may be both subjective and objective. We give subjective meaning to objective things. When we use numbers to give meaning, they hold keys to understanding patterns, algorithms and relative time.

Yet, what do seeing patterns of numbers truly mean? Have you ever seen patterns of numbers on specific days? Sequences like 12:12, 12:21 or 11:11? These numbers are referred to as Angel Numbers and are a message from our Angels about our soul’s path and journey.

Symbols hold meaning because we as the viewer, give them meaning in response to us perceiving them. We call this, the meaning response. The meaning response can be in regards to any experience we have and how we choose to respond to it.

Let’s Break it Down

Angel Number 10

  • Number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, uniqueness, new progress and intuition
  • Number 0 represents eternity, spirituality and universal energies of your personal reality

Together our Angels are guiding us to empower ourselves as spiritual leaders by taking charge of our independence with confidence in creating our own Desired Destiny 

Angel Number 11

Referred to as Teacher, this number can teach us how to lead spiritually enriched lives. It is a reminder we have big work to do here in relieving karmic debt as the Number 11 is also called the Master Number.

Angel Number 1011

Together with 3 ones, the power goes to us to real-eyes we create our own realities. It is a reminder our Angels are here to help us grow and fulfill our life’s purpose. By speaking to yourself positive “I AM…” affirmations, you are allowing a creative space to take charge of your spirituality. 

Angel Number 1111

Consider this a wake-up call to subconscious programming causing negativity. Seeing this number is a sign from the Angels to begin thinking more positively and devote more time to spiritual practice. 

11:11 is also associated with Archangel Metatron (Metatron’s Cube) and could mean he is delivering a message to check in with your current state of feelings and thoughts. Understand you are in charge of your current state and you have to power to create. 

Angel Number 12

  • Number 1 represents intuition, uniqueness, new beginnings and new progresses
  • Number 2 symbolizes flexibility in diplomacy and partnership as well as duality and sacrifice.

This is a message to find alignment in embarking on your soul’s mission and divine right to light here on Earth. We each are born with the free will and we have the capacity to will into existence anything we desire. Find your why and understand your mission.  



3D Chakras Demons

Finding clAIRity

The Power of YOU

Once you see you cannot unsee. Yet, you are able to change the way you see things, and once you do, the things you see begin to change with you. We live in a society ruled by social media, operating off of digital dopamine and conspicuous consumption. We have allowed our three dimensional realities to put up blinders to all that is. YOU are all that IS. YOU have the ability to heal yourself of dis-ease. YOU have the power to accomplish your dreams and desires.YOU have a Divine Right to Light. How does this become your reality? By healing unresolved grief.

Grief is a demon of the heart, lungs and Heart Chakra. Grief is expressed as deep sorrow. Sorrow is referred to a distress tied to misfortune and disappointment that runs deep to our core of our being. When left unresolved, grief can cause our heart chakra to close up within a castle surrounded by a mote. Healing the heart builds a bridge into your castle, it allows people in and out. It allows more expression of self-love and it opens up our heart to compassionate understanding. Healing the heart requires an openness to receiving LOVE and seeking balance through AIR medicine.

Unresolved grief can cause cardiovascular dis-eases, lung pathologies and chronic breathing issues like asthma. When grief is held onto, attached to and not let go of, it is internalized and begins to metastasize. Resolving grief requires we find out WHY and HOW we decided to cause an effect with our thoughts to manifest in such a way. Grief is our attachment to an outcome, by looking at the outcome in a different way, we can understand how to move through each day in a different way that feels better and opens our heart.

In altering our perception of WHY and HOW something may have happened we begin to shift out of a victim mentality. The victim mentality is built upon the foundation of the Newtonian Cause and Effect. Thoughts like: This happened to me, I am only a spectator of the world, I am not in control of my life… feed the demon of grief.  We move our energy from seeing this happened to me and begin to see I called this in to learn and alchemize adversity.


Our 3D reality, our physical body and all that we can see and touch, is a programmed reality of our mind. The trip about our mind is, it can transcend linear time. Our mind is even so powerful, we can send love back in time to help resolve a trauma. Trauma can cause cracks in our persona and through these cracks, the light shines in.

Persona is greek for “mask” and was used to describe the role an actor plays on stage. Our personality is our personal reality and our personality is constantly changing over time.

We grow when we are uncomfortable. We are uncomfortable because unforseen opportunities and obstacles may present themselves. When variables are unforseen, we move out of a predictable future from living throught past experiences and the emotions tied to them. This is called surrendering to all that is, and if you are all that is… then who or what are you surrendering to? Oneness.

Opening the Heart

To Love

This allows a shift into another dimension of consciousness. How do we get there? By real-eye-sing we are all pieces of the same whole. We are all part of the collective consciousness of GOD and SPIRIT, and that consciousness is LOVE.

order to succeed in seeing life in such an enlightened way, there must be ways to let the light in.


Be-in the Rainbow Bridge 


Chakras Demons Metaphysical

Unpacking Guilt


I Feel

What is clairsentience? Clairsentience is french for “clear feeling” and refers to the ability to feel what others feel. Another term for Clairsentience is Empathy and is referred to by some, as a sixth sense. It is also referred to as an inner knowing, an intuitive ability to perceive where others are at emotionally. This perception and experience can be subtle or strong. The degree of this experience is subjective.

When we are allowing ourselves to feel, and expand it beyond what we individually feel, we open ourselves up to positive changes within our ability to find balance, acheive our desires, experience pleasure and explore our sexuality. Numbing ourselves to our feelings or stuffing them down to not feel it to heal it, we begin to experience issues with our genitals, womb, kidneys, bladder and circulatory system.

Our emotions seek to flow like water and are govered by our second chakra, our Sacral Chakra. Our Sacral Chakra represents;

  • Polarities
  • Movement
  • Balance

Our 2nd Chakra is the center for —

  • Sexuality
  • Pleasure
  • Emotions
  • Nurturance
  • Empathy
  • Change

Change is a key element of consciousness and consciousness is pure love and creation. By allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and let them flow like water, we find ease and acceptance in the unfolding of the unknown. 

Unpacking Guilt

While riding the wave of life and allowing your emotions to flow with ease like water, we begin to let go of lower vibrational programming that no longer serves us. We are able to take hold of ownership over our feelings, feel it to heal it and let it move through us. We begin to feel lighter, clearer and more in alignment. We begin to find out how to balance that which we are carrying versus that which deserves to be let go.

When we feel heavy, we begin to experience symptoms of the low vibrations bringin us down. We may begin to experience a decrease in libido, appetite, quality sleep. We may even begin to experience incontinence, anxiety and depression. The suffering can be alleviated, lighten the weight of the baggage you are carrying, it’s weighing you down.

Let’s use an analogy for our emotional stuff as a backpack we are carrying with us. As we seek to love and serve others, we may begin to take on other people’s baggage… we begin adding to our life load in order to promote ease for others. We may do this as a parent to our children, an older sibling to the younger ones, we may even do this as a child taking care of their parent.

When we take on more than what is healthy for us, it begins to set us off balance. The weight is unsettling, vibrating in our bodies waiting to be real-eased. Yet, in order to be real-eased the emotions stored need to be felt. Feel it to heal it, right?

One of the emotions that may be stuck in our backpack, adding to our stress, our load we are carrying on our shoulders… is GUILT. Guilt is a demonic program, it plagues our sacral chakra and can give way to dis-ease. Guilt is harbored

Addiction to emotional states because they reproduce a predictable future rather than trusting in others

Lighten the Load

By bringing awareness to the guilt we are storing, we can begin to seek out ways to feel it to heal it. How? By sending out to the quantum field, foregiveness. We are the only ones capable of changing how we feel at a given moment, and we are the only ones capable of altering the way we perceive change. Change is an opporutnity to be creative, to manifest. Manifestation happens when we have a clear creative channel. If we block pain and choose to not feel it, we also block our creativity. If we dam the river, the flow suffers. Let’s unblock the flow.


Oneness looks like light and feels like love. When you are in a space of Oneness, you real-eyes you are love. By real-eye-sing you are love, you understand that love is all that matters. Literally, everything is energy and energy extends beyond the constraints of time. So for anything, anyone, or any event we are experiencing guilt or stuffing down our guilt to surface later as a shadow… the cure is LOVE.

We can send ourself LOVE and find Oneness through spiritual practices. One spiritual practice I use to return to a balanced state and forgive myself for how I may have perceived something, is the Ho’oponopono Prayer of Foregiveness. This prayer becomes a lens through which you can practice ownership over your own emotions and move through them with ease and love at the speed of light.

Using this practice begins to change the way you perceive interactions with others. The hawaiian prayer of foregiveness creates a space for practicing compassion, empathy and Oneness.  It is centered around the premise that we are all One, and when we begin to experience a negative emotion in response to an event, it’s our emotion to move through and let go — not anyone else’s responsibility.

By forgiving ourselves for how we may have reacted to an event, such as a feeling of Guilt, we create a space for love to fill the void. This prayer is a means for returning to the Void, the Oneness with Love and Creation. It goes like this;

  • I’m Sorry
  • Please Foregive Me
  • Thank You
  • I Love You

This is a prayer of foregiveness for self and allows us to harness our clairsentience when viewing others. This prayer holds within it, the magic of surrender, the power of love and the notion that we create our own desired realities. 

Our desires are on the other side of the wall, by utilizing this prayer, we are able to dissolve the walls holding back our creative flow and call in divine manfiestation. This spiritual practice paves the way for balance, harmony, polarity and unconditional love. When we learn to let go of the conditions we have around love, we feel lighter and our backpack becomes smaller.


Chakras Heart Bridge Metaphysical Rei-Ki Shadow Work

Sound Healing with Light

Intentional Listening

Our ears evoke sound, our eyes evoke light. Without our nervous system to integrate these vibrations, there would be no way to perceive them. At the molecular level, our DNA is light. Dis-ease is a depletion of light and it is through light where we may find healing and harmony. By intentionally listening to a specific frequency, we promote resonance within our bodies and can transcend low, misused or unwanted vibrations.

There are 7 Major Chakras which assimilate and integrate various frequencies of light. Light produces a waveform frequency and that waveform frequency produces a sound. A therapeutic musical scale called Solfeggio frequencies, were discovered in the 11th century by a monk named Guido d’ Arezzo. The 6 original frequencies are as follows;

  • 396 Hz
  • 417 Hz
  • 432 Hz
  • 528 Hz
  • 639 Hz
  • 741 Hz
  • 852 Hz

Music is a powerful healing tool because it allows a direct connection to help the subconscious mind alleviate suffering that resides in the phsycial body. 

369 Hz

Erase Guilt

Associated with the base chakra, this frequency may be used to alleviate suffering caused by guilt as guilt can impede our ability to create. Guilt is a demon of the the root chakra, our chakra of survival. By listening to music with this frequency, we allow resonance of our chakra to reach a state of empowerment to accomplish our goals, dreams and overcome fears of manifestation.

417 Hz

Eliminate Negativity

Assocated with the sacral chakra, listening to this frequency helps eliminate any negativity we have pent up within. It not only eliminates any negativity, it can also undo the happenings tied to negativity. The misuse of energy is removed from homes, workplaces, thoughts and behavior patterns and helps us overcome traumatic triggers. This frequency promotes resonance of the sacral chakra, our center for desires.

432 Hz

Natural Frequency

Associated with Earth’s heartbeat, this frequency aligns us to the planet’s resonance. Listening to this will clear out any anxiety, lowers our blood pressure and heart rate by allowing us to slip into a state of ease and healing.

528 Hz

The Love Frequency

Associated with our Solar Plexus Chakra, it gives way to transformation and helps reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is produced as a stress hormone and high levels in the body over extended periods of time, increase blood pressure and chances of developing arteriosclerosis. Stress can increase our risk for heart dis-eases and so this frequency has the power to decrease stress levels and help promote an “ease” state. This frequency calls in miracles and helps to heal our gut and digestive system.

639 Hz

Clear Communication

Associated with the Heart Chakra, listening to this frequency promotes balance and harmony with interpersonal communication and relationships. It creates a clear channel for communication, tolerance and love. If one is dealing with relationship issues, this frequency can be used to promote healing.

741 Hz

Cleansing and Purifying

Associated with the Throat Chakra, this frequency is used for solving intereferences and wake up our inner intuition and inner knowing by clearing the throat of certain electromagnetic radiations. It detoxifies cells and organs throughout the whole body tuning us into a more pure and stable foundation to living a Spiritual life. This allows purification of the mind-body connection.

852 Hz

Associated with the Third Eye Chakra, this frequency opens up our communication and connection to Spirit.


Beyond the Solfeggio frequencies are other vibrations which may be intended for healing the body and subconscious mind.

174 Hz

Spirit Unification

285 Hz

Earth Unification

432 Hz

Schumann Resonance

This frequency connects us to Earth’s heartbeat as the Earth is a living, breathing organism.

936 Hz

Pure Miracle Tones

Associated with awakening the Pineal gland, this is the frequency of Oneness. It relates to the Third Eye Chakra and as it clears, it opens up to our Crown Chakra. Our Crown Chakra is linked to our Pineal Gland and this frequency may be used as a sleep aid to increase melatonin and quality of sleep.

963 Hz

Akashic Records — Return to Oneness

This frequency brings us to the Ether, the Akasha and connects us to our Soul’s Purpose.

1111 Hz * 888 Hz * 528 Hz * 4096 Hz

Archangel Metatron Frequency


Chakras Metaphysical

Cleansed by Fire

Symbolism of Fire

Fire symbolizes our Inner Sun, center for creativity, third chakra, passion, desire, transformation and motivation. In Alchemy, our Inner Fire gives rise to life and is the mediator of different forms. The Alchemist is a Master of Fire and uses it in processes of transmutation. So, was fire something we created or discovered?

It seems most likely we discovered it in nature, maybe from a forest fire caused by a lightning strike. From this observation we decided to find ways of creating what we thought as a new force of nature. We do know our application and intellectual ability to utilize fire power allows us to triumph over the rest of the animal kingdom.

Fire may be applied in many ways, literally and energetically. Fire is used to;

    • Cleanse
    • Illuminate
    • Add Warmth
    • Cooking
    • Protection
    • Creation


Fire is associated with our third chakra, Manipura, which in Sanskrit means “Lustrous gem.” The region of this energetic wheel is from the navel to the solar plexus. Here fire combines and its chief operation is combustion.This lustrous gem is a yellow color and functions to produce will, power and assertiveness. Foods related to our third chakra are starches. Too many starches (sugars) can lead to digestive imbalances and leaky gut. 

Our Manipura corresponds to many things. Its outer form is plasma and inner states include laughter, joy and anger. The glands and other body parts include the pancreas, adrenals, digestive system and muscles. Malfunctions in this integration center will promote areas of dis-ease causing ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia and other digestive disorders.

The third chakra corresponds to the verb I can and it is suggested to use dragon’s blood, sandalwood, saffron, musk, cinnamon or ginger for this space.

Metaphysical Applications of Fire

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy originated in Medieval times and is seen as a precursor to chemistry. One defintion describes it as a magical process of transformation, creation or combination. Fire in alchemy, is where it all begins… the seed and root of magic.

With casting spells and performing rituals, Fire is used to symbolize anything to do with self-empowerment, harnessing imaginative power, manifesting dreams and it represents bravery and new beginnings. Our words are spells, that is why it is called spelling. So we have the ability to cast spells each time we speak. We have the potential to manifest our dreams by utilizing elemental magic.

Fire Crystals, Animals and Plants

Crystals hold healing potential. It is said there are crystal beings here to guide us and when a crystal speaks to you it is calling to you to help shift your vibrations and awareness. Different colored crystals are assocaited with different properties. Fire is represented by bloodstone, fire agate, carnelian, fire opal, ruby, sunstone and tigerseye.

Fire is magic because it is alive. There are animals which represent fire. Living inside each fire are beings called Salamanders who dance in the fire with joy until the embers are no more. Fire is also associated with dragons, the phoenix, lady bugs, scorpions, lizards, bee, lions, and tigers.

Plants hold healing properties. If our Inner Sun is shining less bright, if we are feeling down and less self-determined and driven to accomplish our dreams then we deserve more fire magic. One way to get fire into our bodies would be through essential oils, teas and other supplements which may help us open up our creativity and act with self-love. Plants associated with fire are Thorn, Basil, Garlic, Sunflower, Juniper, Ash, Cacti, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nettle, Thistle, and Holly.


Shadow Work

Uprooting Anger

Our Mind is a Garden

Dig it.

Imagine your mind as a garden. Within it are rows of seeds that have been planted, germinated, blooming and coming to fruition. These are the seeds of your thoughts, your dreams, your reality. This is your garden. Only seeds you allow in will grow here. If a weed begins to grow we have the power to pluck it with love and grace and allow space for a bountiful seed to fill its place.

Now, imagine your actions are the nutrients and your seeds are your thoughts. The more your actions align with your thoughts, the more you seed is taken care of to grow to fruition. If our thoughts and actions are out of tune, weeds may grown and our seeds may become overrun.

These weeds may constitute as negative beliefs, curses, toxic habits, self-sabotaging behavior, excuses, resentment, guilt, blame, shame, attachment, fear…. and the list goes on and on. These weeds can be very harmful to the health and integrity of the whole garden. For this article, we will be discussing how to recognize weeds rooted in anger.

Weeds and Roots

When we do not feel it to heal it, where does it go? 

Our body is regulated by our emotions and our emotions can stay in motion or reside in our body to become residual pain. If they become stored in the body and we do not feel it to heal it, it is harbored somewhere. So where? Our Organs of course; 90% of resentment is stored in the Gallbladder whereas 90% of anger is stored in the Liver. Our emotions are released upon experiencing an event, whether that event is past, present or future.

When we revisit an event through a memory, our body biochemically relives the past event. Emotionally we experience the emotions tied to that event, and when an event has upset us in any way, we may have a tendency to attach to it, especially the outcome. We emotionally choose events we know we can predict by recreating past events in the present moment.

Our future becomes more predictable and we feel more at ease. But what happens when unforseen things happen? What triggers us to become aggressive or highly stressed suddenly when something unexpected happens? Expectations, but not just expectations… failed expectations.

Anger is a response to a failed expectation. We anticipate events and how they unfold in order to help ourselves anticipate any potential threats to our survival. Our ability to revisit memories grants us the capacity to think ahead of what may be coming.  Our response to a situation through our meaning behind the response is what allows us to attach an emotion to an event.

When we attach ourselves to an emotion tied to an event, we begin attaching ourselves to that emotion. The more we attach ourselves to an emotion, the more familiar it becomes. The more comfortable we feel when we experience that emotion and the more we want to reproduce the predictability of this emotion.

When anger becomes so familiar because we have under-delivering of high expectations of ourselves or others, we begin to continue to find reasons to stay upset. We feed the cycle over and over again because it is comfortable and feels safe.

Yet, do we grow when we are uncomfortable? No. Does our mind garden get enough nutrients when we begin letting anger weeds take over the fertility of the soil and the bounty of the harvest? No. Are we happy when we are in perpetual states of anger? No. Does extended periods of anger lead to dis-ease? Yes.

We know this because Anger lives in the Liver and Liver detoxifies the body of drugs and alcohol. One coping mechanism for anger is to drink alcohol. Alcohol also targets the liver and is associated with increased aggression, anger and hostility. If someone who struggles with anger and/or alcohol begins to focus on the root of their dis-ease, deep seated healing will occur.

3D Chakras Metaphysical Rei-Ki

Healing is Non-Linear

Past, Present, Future

Is time linear? To suggest we can only go in one direction with our minds is to say that time and space are not relative. When you talk to someone in another time zone, does your mind transcend linear time? If you are 3 hours ahead of someone on the phone, is your mind time traveling through your voice? Yes. There are 9 dimensions our mind can travel within and without, and it happens through bending time, light and space.

Bending Time

What is one way we can time travel? Rei-Ki. Rei… what? Reiki, a Japanese hands-on healing art which utilizes the body’s aura and chakras.

  • Chakras are energetic wheels of energy that connect mind and body. We have 7, each pertaining to
    • A color of the rainbow
    • A different set of nerves and organs
    • A different element
  • Aura is an energy field emanating from the physical and is defined by being;
    • Electromagnetic
    • Color changing
    • Various layers

Our aura surrounds us in a 3 feet diameter, is generated by the spinning of our chakras and has 7 layers just as there are 7 major chakras. Each Aura is unique to each individual.

The 7 Layers of the Aura

The Aura reflects our health and can change colors throughout our lifetime. Someone who practices Reiki works with the subtle energies of the auric body. We can use the physical body and auric bodies to help heal in the present moment. The 7 layers of the aura are as follows:

      • Etheric layer — connected to the base chakra, closest to the body and represented by a grey/violet mist/ether. Roughly 2-4 inches away from the physical body
      • Emotional layer — connected to the sacral chakra, holds all our emotions and just outside the etheric layer. Roughly 1-3 inches away from the physical body
      • Mental layer — connected to the solar plexus chakra and contains all mental processes. We are what we eat and our gut health can affect our mental health. Roughly 3-8 inches away from the physical body
      •  Astral layer — bridge between 3D and higher dimensions. Connected with our heart chakra and is a rainbow color. Roughly 1 foot away from the physical body
      • Etheric Template — connected to throat chakra, blueprint of physical body. Resembles the negative film of a photograph. Roughly 2 feet away from the physical body
      • Celestial Causal Layer — connected with third eye and is where the path of enlightenment through connection to spirit begins. Roughly 2.5 feet away from the physical body
      • Spiritual Layer — connected with crown chakra and can extend up to 3 feet away from the physical body

Aura Clearing Techniques

There are simple techniques for clearing our aura. One of my favorites is giving myself Reiki. By diving into our inner plane, we have amazing capacities for energetic clearing. We can also use symbols and Japanese kanji to send healing energy beyond linear time — to the past, present and future. When we heal ourselves of ancestral trauma, we heal all those that come before you and all those that come after you. I know because I have done it, and it is fucking beautiful.